About company

The "CORVETTE Ltd" company established in 1991 specializes in the manufacturing of warships and civil vessels models. "CORVETTE Ltd" is a team of shipbuilding engineers, professional ship modelists and designers. Our models are highest class exact copies on a dedicated scale fully corresponding to the prototype drawings no matter it’s an ancient or a modern ship.  Over the years we have manufactured more than three thousand exclusive ship models on individual and corporative orders: private and public companies, museums, shipyards, shipowners and collectors, who are interested in maritime romance, history of shipbuilding, sea voyages and discoveries.

Models produced by "CORVETTE" could be found in the collections at the USA, Canada, England, Netherland, Spain, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, India, Iran, China, etc.

Our ships are exhibited at many international museums and salons, used for a various presentations and media events. All our models are built and classified according to the rules of the World Organization for Modelshipbuilding and Modelshipsport NAVIGA. Cooperation with NAVIGA is very important part of “CORVETTE”’s efforts. First of all, this is a participation in the European and World Championships. The models of “CORVETTE” masters have been awarded many times and became winners of the European and World Championships.

“CORVETTE” is the official distributer of the best awarded models of the World and European Championships.