World Organization for Modelshipbuilding and Modelshipsport NAVIGA

NAVIGA is an World Organization, established in 1967, which supports and develops all types of ship-modeling sport in the world. World Organization NAVIGA holds the European and World Championships in ship-modeling sport. NAVIGA membership exclusively granted to national teams of ship-modeling sport who then becomes authorized to participate in the Championships. Currently there are 34 countries – the members of NAVIGA. The structure of NAVIGA includes 6 sections, designated to a special type of ship-modeling sport. Two of them are sections of models-copies. Section of “C” class models includes static models competition. Section of “NS” class models includes radio-controlled dynamic models. The "CORVETTE" company participates in both sections.

Alexander Bogdanov, CEO of “Corvette”, and Alexander Kuznetsov, Production Director, have highest international NAVIGA judge licenses. Both top managers are multiple World, European and Russian champions.

World Organization NAVIGA develops and publishes rules and regulations for the technical evaluations of models at the competitions.

“C” Class static models.

All items are scale models of ever existed, currently existing sea or river vessels or its prototypes and comply to original shape and color.

Classes of static models.

С-1 – Models of rowing and sailing vessels.
С-2 – Models of vessels with a mechanical drive.
С-3 – Models of parts of ships, models in a section, models of port equipment and shipyards, dioramas.
С-4 – Miniature models from C-1 to С-3 classes in scale 1: 250 or less.
С-5 – Models in bottles.
С-6 – Plastic models (from sets produced by injection molding).
С-7 – Cardboard and paper models.
С-8 – Models from the sets (but not injection molded from plastics).

“NS” class radio-controlled models.

Models of vessels with remote control in section NS are models able to hold and move at the water. These models are made in accordance with the drawing and the scale and pass a mandatory static evaluation before the start.

Classes of radio-controlled models

F2 – Scale models manufactured according to the ship's drawing.
F4 – Plastic models (from sets produced by injection molding).
F-DS – Scale models of steam vessels. The model movement is completely carried out by means of a steam engine.
F-NSS – Scale copies of sailing vessels.