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Bogdanov Alexander

(mobil) +7 921 720 6424

Voronina str,27А Severodvinsk, 164504, RUSSIA. fax. +7 8184 58 21 63
E-mail: corvette@edu.severodvinsk.ru

Production director Kuznetcov Alexander (mobil) +7 921 720 2406

Financial director, Kovalenko Olga, (mobil) +7 921 720 64 23

"CORVETTE Ltd" will produce in your order any model in any scale.

We execute all design efforts using newest computer technology available for shipbuilding. Working process is planned and controlled using MS “Project”. Such mode of administration that shipbuilding enterprises apply, is adapted to models production by us. Consequently, we can produce a model in any scale you have chosen, with maximum minutiae and of best quality. The cost of any model depends on the complexity of the ship, the scale, the terms of manufacturing, the means of payment and the availability of the drawings. We have drawings for any Russian ship. For the quotation of the model under your drawings the general arrangement plan should to us. You can send it by fax or by mail and we’ll inform you our conditions. We need the following drawings for working: the Lines plan Hull, the General Arrangement Plane, the Decks Arrangement, etc. Drawings and any other graphic information can be placed on a paper or on a diskette in DWG or DXF- format for working in AutoCAD system. The finished products can be handed over your representatives in Severodvinsk, Arckhangelsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, or we can discuss your propositions. If you have any specific questions about production cycle, our clients, the models of ships we’ve already produced, or if you have questions about a possibility producing the model of the ship that you’re interested in, please write back.

Welcome to the "CORVETTE Ltd"!

РОССИЯ, 27А, 164502, г. Северодвинск, ул. Воронина, 27А
27A, Voronina, 164502, Severodvinsk, RUSSIA

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